Country : Thailand is voted “the Best Country for People” News

Country : Thailand is voted “the Best Country for People”

Condé Nast Traveller, a luxury and lifestyle magazine in the U.S. disclosed on                             4 September 2018, the 2018 Readers’ Travel Awards that Thailand is voted as “Best Country for People” or “The Best People in the World” from readers all around the world.  The top ranking came from the impression of visitors to Thailand, as they had experienced Thai culture with open smiles, generousity, gentleness of Thai peoples and their good services as well as safety and property security.   

Furthermore, Thailand is  also awarded third place on the “Best Country” category, and Samui Island  is  voted ninth place in “The Best Islands in the World” category,       

The Mandarin Oriental hotel in Bangkok and the Six Senses hotel in Yao Noi Island in Phang Nga Province are also voted fourth and fifth places respectively in “the Best hotel in Asia & Indian Subcontinent  category”.